👻 ghost kitchens as public policy

National Post

The government is encouraging retail to “go digital.” Why not restaurants?

Ghost kitchens may be eroding the restaurant industry. Can (and should) they help them hang on during the second wave? 🌊

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🏛️ regs to riches 💰

  • Patios will be closing soon and it is estimated that ~60% of Canadian restaurants face possible closure this fall;

  • COVID cases mean it’s not going to be safe to eat indoors, but people may continue to order delivery. Despite industry-commissioned surveys on trust, it is simply not responsible for decision-makers to advocate dining-in during this second wave.

  • The Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) program is dunzo;

  • The Canadian Chamber of Commerce asked for 3 things in the Speech from the Throne:

    1. A commitment that the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy will be continued into 2021 and its scope will reflect a long-term recovery;

    2. A commitment that an new, improved and long-term commercial rent relief program will be introduced addressing the well documented difficulties and sector specific needs; and,

    3. Our leaders will start encouraging Canadians to safely visit our restaurants.

  • The industry is [also] seeking (or at least floating the idea of) a meal subsidy.

  • What if we subsidized delivery instead? And helped restaurants temporarily offload their real estate obligations?

  • As delivery surges, it is also worth asking ourselves what our expectations for a “good” ghost kitchen are; likely a delivery option that centers workers and offers benefits. 

    There is an opportunity to revolutionize and improve the low bar that gig delivery platforms have established and introduce a more responsible model while also supporting restaurants in the interim. 

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