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What does antitrust action elsewhere mean for Canada?

*I’m really sorry but this is about competition policy again.

I wrote about all the cool competition/antitrust stuff in the Biden EO, and whether it can or should inspire policy progress in Canada. 🇨🇦

I also made a handy chart contrasting the Executive Order with the Canadian context. Feel free to use it for your own research/reference, or add to it.

Add to the chart

I also have a piece in the National Post. When antitrust makes headlines elsewhere, often many people assume Canada will mimic the intervention - probably because this country is very copy-and-paste. But it’s worth remembering that we’re taking a decidedly different approach when it comes to introducing new accountabilities for large technology firms.

As always, thanks for reading + sharing, and for your feedback. I’m learning a lot and I love it.

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