This is an energetic exploration of how the right rules make everything so much better.

I believe that the intersection(s) of public policy + technology is more than just “trick-or-treating” and robotically lobbying politicians. Public policy (regulations, or “regs”) should be a foundational part of every start-up’s strategy (“riches”). I also think we need to train more entrepreneurial regulators that can help ensure we evolve our legislative guardrails and protect people from harm(s) through the practice of ‘radical incrementalism.’ The newsletter demonstrates what that could look like, and I also run (and teach at) a small Master of Public Policy (MPP) program at McMaster University that focuses on Digital Society.

*Asking “why” you should subscribe is a pretty good question.

Like, the newsletter is free and you can read it online - I get it! I think that reading it consistently will help you think through the intersection(s) of regulation and public policy in a jargon-free, emoji-heavy environment. We’ll go on mini-discovery journeys, together.

Ultimately, the newsletter usually looks at “small” tech (early-stage companies) as a way to learn + think about regulatory issues related to “big” tech. There’s so much to consider that’s happening in our own backyard. The newsletter also tries to look ahead and spot harms on the horizon.

Being a “subscriber” means you’ll get first access to the newsletter [one day before it’s shared on social] so you have the inside track. The community is a pretty sweet mix of traditional policy people, scrappy tech employees, and encouraging venture capitalists. Plus (!) you can comment on posts and email me. If you’re into that, let’s do it. ✌️

Regs-to-Riches is published ~weekly with input from readers like you. Here’s some endorsements from fellow readers:

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Really enjoyed this piece by @VassB: ''Personalized Rewards are Discriminatory'' Lots of important questions raised about these programs that I hadn't really considered before. If you haven't subscribed to Regs to Riches, what are you waiting for?🤑 Personalized Rewards are Discriminatoryharms on the


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