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GoodLife in their relationship with direct employees, where prospective employees must pay for training from the company or another body (which is also owned by the owner of GoodLife) as a condition of employment as a PT.


"All GoodLife Fitness Personal Trainers are certified through the GoodLife Personal Training Institute™ and/or Canfitpro™, Canada's largest provider of fitness education."


The cost of the full on-line GLPTI certification is $529 + applicable taxes when paid in one instalment at the time of registration, or $565 + applicable taxes when utilizing the payment plan option.

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You just made me believe that post-secondary institutions will soon adopt a subscriber model. After all, they make big bucks from alumni, what if that was no longer voluntary? What if alumni had to keep paying in order to maintain their MD or B.Eng or PhD or else risk being decertified? Given the rapid and dynamic evolution of knowledge, I'm not so sure that'd be a bad thing, if it also involved exams too. lol

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Super cool. Two thoughts.

1. I've never thought about the blurred lines between franchising/IP rents and certification rents. Certifications tied to brands, e.g., two different private sector spin class instructor certifications, seem different from other certifications, e.g., being a registered dietician. One seems more about guaranteeing a similar experience under the brand, no matter where you engage with it, whereas the other seems more about making sure that your clinician knows what they're doing, regardless of the brand under which they're doing it, e.g., your dietician should know about dietetics, regardless of where they're practicing.

2. I wonder if it’s seen as higher status to be a pilates instructor or a yoga instructor, compared to other similar certifications, which maybe don’t command as high a return in the social circles where this matters. Perhaps that’s why the pricing is the way it is?

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Similar situation for martial arts training/certification/franchising

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