So I was reading up on CASL from your previous post, and kept noticing social media links on gov web pages. The very helpful getcybersafe.gc.ca links to the usual soc med suspects (no tik tok or Pinterest yet!) but seeing the others was weirding me out mostly because Canada’s anti-spam legislation had just nudged me to unsubscribe and hang up on my soc media- the cumulative targeted oddities had been getting me down. But here it felt like the Canadian gov was facilitating participation at the same time their messaging was safety, security, privacy. Is this on the ground policy implementation? Pairing access with β€˜be smart kids’ or β€˜use at your own risk’? With the deployment of AI I’m thinking we ought to have pointers from within the social media universe so that there remains a way to get out. Could advertising the getcybersafe.gc.ca site through the use channels be ok?

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